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Canning Pineapple

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Let me introduce you to the best tasting, most tender, golden, home canned Pineapple there is.

Don’t fret, it’s the easiest thing to can and is immensely worth it!

After canning Peaches, Pears, and Applesauce and realizing how much tastier they are than what you can buy at the Grocery Store, I got to thinking that canned Pineapple might taste better too. I asked my friends, who can, if they have ever canned Pineapple and they gave me strange looks and asked me why anyone would bother. This did not deter me. I googled to make sure it can be done. I wish I could find the source I originally found, but it is buried in Google somewhere. I waited until Pineapples went on sale and I got them for about $1.00 a piece.

The first time trying our home canned Pineapple, I was sold. The Pineapple not only tastes WAY better than what you can get at the Grocery store, but it is also more tender. My friends have since tried the pineapple and now they understand why I can it. If you get the pineapple on sale, it saves you a lot of money. I already had the jars, and the sugar. You do need new lids for your jars, and then the cost of the Pineapple. At Walmart, you can get an 8 oz jar of Pineapple tidbits for about .88. For 24 of them, it would cost you $21.12. The Pineapple and lids cost you about $12 total so it is half the price. Even if it cost more, I would still can it because it tastes so much better. The other nice thing, is it is the easiest thing I have canned so far. It is faster to prep the fruit and it takes less time to process it.

I’ve read online that the Pineapple is acidic enough that you don’t need to add any sugar, but I used the same measurements that I do for my Pears and Peaches. The first time I did it, I used 6 Pineapples and it made me about 24 half pint jars with some left over. You can use it in desserts or with dinners like Stir Fry, Haystacks and Pizza nights.

For Canning, You will need a Canner. For Fruit you can use a Water Bath Canner. (This is a 9 piece set for a great price. It has all the utensils you need. If you have a Glass Top Stove, You have to can with a flat bottom pan. They are pricier, but I got mine at Winco. I still needed the kit with the basket and tools.

How to Can Pineapple

Gather all your supplies: Pineapples, Sugar, Water Bath Canner, Tool Kit, Wire Basket, Cutting Board, Long Serrated Knife, Cleaned and Sterilized Jars, New Lids, Separate Large Pot for Cooking the Pineapple in, and Pineapple Slicer and Corer (Optional. You can just use a knife too if you want)

Fill your water bath canner half full to 2/3 full with water and turn on high heat. In the pot you plan on cooking your pineapple in, add about 8 cups water and 3 1/2 cups sugar for about 6-7 pineapples. Leave the syrup water on medium heat. You want it hot, but not boiling. Cut the top, bottom, and sides off from the pineapple.

To remove the core, stand the pineapple up and cut down the pineapple in the middle. Turn and cut again, the opposite way, so there are 4 large wedges. Lay each piece down so the core is facing up, and cut lengthwise to remove the core.

Cut all the pineapple in chunks or tidbits. Once all the pineapples have been cut, put the pineapples in the hot syrup and stir occasionally for 10 minutes. In the meantime, simmer your lids (not rings) on medium heat.

Ladel the pineapple into your prepared jars, leaving 1/2 inch space from the top. Remove the bubbles with a plastic knife, and wipe the tops of the jars with a clean, wet, rag or paper towel. Put on your simmered lids and screw on a ring. Add a little cold water to your canner to break the boil, to help prevent the jars from breaking. Use the jar grabber to place the jars into your water bath canner. If the jar does not feel hot on the bottom, temper your jars by dipping it in the water and removing it for a few seconds, and repeat.

Once the water in the canner has come to a rapid boil, process for 15-35 minutes depending on your altitude. Add 5 minutes to processing time if your jars are not sanitized and were hand washed.

Pint: 0-1,000= 15 min, 1,001-6,000=20 min, Above 6,000=25 min

Quart: 0-1,000= 20 min, 1,001-3,000= 25 min, 3,001-6,000= 30 min Above 6,000= 35 min

Make sure you have at least an inch of water above the rims of the jars during the whole process of canning. Once they are done, remove and place on a towel. Try and lift straight up when removing the jars from the canner. Let sit for 24 hours before moving or disturbing the jars. Remove the rings and wash the jars to get off the sticky syrup. Store without rings just in case the jars become unsealed and then reseal because of the pressure of the ring. That can let in botulism. Leaving the rings off will show if a jar has come unsealed.

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