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In the past we’ve struggled financially. One thing I learned, was to start making a weekly menu. It really helps cut down on the grocery bill because I never have to run to the store to grab 1 thing for dinner, and then end up with 20 things in my cart. I’ve starting pairing it with payday, which for us is every other week. A day or two before payday I sit down and come up with ideas for dinner. Then I check the cupboards and the fridge and make a list of the items I need. This will actually help me to post it here, because there are times I lose the list (kids! put the list down!) and 2 weeks is a long time to remember. Sometimes those kids even get crafty and cross out the things they don’t like so I can’t see what I wrote.

I don’t like to box myself in to the day, because some days come and I just don’t feel like making what was written down for the day, so I do it in a list format.

1. Connor’s Birthday: German Pancakes

2. Abby’s Night: Crepes

3. Spicy Artichoke Pasta

4. Pot Pie (concoct a new recipe)

5. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Homemade Tomato Soup

6. BLT’s (or in my case, Club Sandwiches)

8. Breakfast or Potato Soup

9. Pasta (Most Likely the Pioneer Woman’s Sauce)

11. Try a New Meal: Taco Lasagna (1/2 meat & 1/2 Black Bean Substitute)

12. Out of Town

13. Crap Happens

14. Crap Happens

Crap Happens: On my home notebook I write “Something in the House” for 2 of my meals. I always have days where something comes up in our schedule, or I don’t feel like anything on my list and I can always throw something else together from things I find in the house. Maybe you are an eat out person (we can’t afford it) or maybe you just throw cereal at the kids. (Just kidding, I am sure you sit it down nicely) but this is where “Crap Happens” would fit in.

Side note #2, you will see my kids’ name listed as their night. (See #2). I will explain that later, but they get to pick a meal, within reason, once a month.

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