Wizard Letter Review

We were learning about the letter W and I thought it would be fun if we pretended to be Wizards that day. 
I quickly put some paper in a cone shape and stapled to make hats for the kids to wear. Then each child got a Pipe cleaner for their wand. I have Harry Potter gear, I just couldn’t find it this day, so I improvised with what I had. (story of my life)

The kids got to pick a letter card and then I would tell them what letter they had to cast a spell on. 

If the children don’t know their letters, then they can see the card for help. 

 I think he was casting a Dinosaur spell on the letter T. 

This was a fun way to review our letters. I forgot to send home home the hats so we are going to have the kids decorate them and play again. 

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