Transportation Week: Sink or Float

Transportation Week: Sink or Float

We had Transportation Week at Preschool recently. We made Cardboard Cars, Painted with Trains and Car Wheels, and Color Matched the colors of the Stop Light. As a way to incorporate science, we had a Sink or Float Experiment. I thought for sure all the cars and trains would sink and only my boats would float. I was pleased to see that quite a few cars and trains remained floating.

Each of the children predict whether they think the vehicle will sink to the bottom or float at the top of the water. I make sure to have a clear bowl for the kids to see around the table.

During Free Play time, we bring out the water table and add some dish soap to make bubbles. Then the kids pretend they are at the car wash. This is another great way for the kids to explore on their own the concept of sink/float.

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