Tracing Shadows

Emma told me she wanted to trace shadows, so we went out on Friday and had fun with the side walk chalk. I loved that she had this idea on her own. I have no clue where it came from. We got everyone’s shadow traced and Abby even stayed still to do hers. It was a lot of fun. She kept chopping off my arms and we laughed about it. When we were pulling out for Church, our Neighbor pointed to the ground and gave us the thumbs up.
The other day Emma came to me with a 2 Liter bottle and told me she was going to freeze the water in the fridge. Instead of telling her no, I let her go with it. She came down the next day and saw that it was still not frozen. She told me that it was going to take a long time, like all the way to Christmas to freeze, so she kept it in there. The next day I saw it outside, in the dirt. She wanted to see if it would freeze outside (if it was cold enough outside). The day after that I found it in the freezer. She finally came to me and showed me what worked. It was a cute, self started science project. Then she hacked at it with a butter knife and let it melt. She is a fun girl.

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