Spring Time Birds and Nests 2

Spring Time Birds and Nests
The first day of school, I asked the kids what they wanted to learn about. One of my kids said she wanted to learn about birds eggs and nests. I thought this would be perfect to do in the Spring time, when the birds are flying back and the baby birds are hatching.
We had our Bird and Spring theme the same week as our Easter theme. We did a lot of Egg activities so it worked out perfectly. We read books from the Library about where birds makes nests, and why they make them.
To make these fun bird nests, you just roll a brown paper bag down most of the way. We put a bunch of glue in the bottom and then the kids went out searching for spring and things the birds use to make nests. They put in twigs and grass in their bags. The kids each got an egg to go in their nest. Idea from here.
We also made bird feeders for the birds. My 3 year old group used pipe cleaners and put cheerios on them. Then we twisted the ends together and made a circle out of it. It is good fine motor practice, and the kids get to watch nature as they look outside at the birds that visit. My older group took toilet paper tubes and covered them in peanut butter. We rolled them in bird seed and then laced a piece of yarn through and tied the ends together. It easily hung on the trees.

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2 thoughts on “Spring Time Birds and Nests

  • Jenn

    What a fun project! My kids and I were in the backyard the other day discussing birds too. A few years ago, we put a birdhouse and a family of chickadees moved in and had babies. This year, a Crackle is trying to take it over! ;(

    • Natali Post author

      That would be so fun to watch the baby birds hatch and grow! What is a Crackle?

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