Spider Week at Preschool

I drew a spider web on white paper and the kids did watercolor paint to see what surprise was on their papers. Idea from here


The younger group made spider hats. They got to cut 8 legs and learn how to bend them. They cut out eyes and glued them on the front. Googly eyes would have been cooler but I didn’t have enough. I always love a preschooler in hats. 
Idea from here.


For our Halloween party, the kids got to do marble painting that looks like a spider web. That marble hopped out quite a bit and would roll on the floor, so beware.
Not pictured, we did crinkle leg spiders for our older group. They learned how to fold back and forth to get that crinkle look. Then the wrote their numbers on each leg. So one leg had a #1 written on each crinkle, the second leg had #2’s written on it, ect. I babysat an older child that afternoon, whose sister comes to the preschool, and she wanted to make her own crinkle leg spider after seeing her sisters.

As always, we have a lot of books from the Library on Spiders for the kids to look through.

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