Solar System Planet Hat

At Preschool we were learning about Astronomy. We learned about Astronauts and the Earth for Earth Day. We learned about the stars and constellations. We also learned about the Planets that are in the solar system. We learned how the planets orbit the sun and decided to make a planet hat with the sun in the middle. 

I think she is wearing her older brother’s hat in the picture. I know she didn’t make one.
I found coloring pages online and printed them out. We checked out books from the Library with pictures of the planets so they could see their colors. The kids colored the planets and then cut them out. I made a strip of black paper for the band around the head. You cut a piece of construction paper in half lengthwise and then staple it together. 

During the day we learned the order of the planets and sang a song that went with it. The kids put the planets in order on their hats and then we attached the sun in the middle. I used a bendable wax stick because I couldn’t find our pipe cleaners. I taped it on the hat and on the sun and then the sun hung in the middle of the planets. 

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