Shark Paper Bag Letter Review at Preschool

Shark Paper Bag Letter Review


I do an Ocean theme every year for preschool, but I like to change up what crafts we do. You can see other ideas here. This year we had a lot of boys so I thought it would be fun to learn about sharks. To make them, I turned the paper bag upside down so we could make it like a puppet. I drew triangles on white paper for the teeth and blue ones for the fins. The kids cut them out and glued them on as well as the eyes.


One of the kids wanted to make a hammerhead shark so I roughly traced out an image on blue paper for him to cut out. Once the puppets are dry, I cut a slit in the mouth area to feed letter fish to the shark.

We sit in a circle and the kids fish for letters and then feed the sharks when they find the letters.


I like to try and find ideas for the kids to make a craft and follow directions, while focusing on fine motor and scissor skills, then I take it a step further and try to incorporate letter reviews and a game as well. Pinterest is a great place for a jumping off point when looking for ideas.

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