Spaghetti Shape Sensory

We recently did Assessments (This is something I sit down with the kids and assess what they know and what they don’t so I can lesson plan.) and found that several of the kids needed more work on their shapes. Since it was Letter S day, I boiled some Spaghetti noodles while the kids had their free play time. I traced shapes and slipped the papers into sheet protectors so we could do this activity again in the future. 

I didn’t do so good at keeping the noodles easy to handle. They were quite sticky and my impatient kids got a little annoyed with their stickiness. 

I called out shapes and the kids had to find them and then “trace” the letters with the spaghetti.

*Not pictured, were more shapes on the back

Once finished, you can throw the extra noodles in a tub for the kids to explore with containers. My kids ended up eating their piles as they worked. 

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