Veterinarian In House Field Trip- Career Week

I was looking for a field trip for my Preschool and thought it would be fun if we could visit an animal hospital. We were learning about Careers at the same time, so after talking to the hospital, we decided to do a Veterinarian in house field trip right during Career Week.
This was one of the coolest things for me and the kids. The Vet Techs came with animals and supplies.
They taught the kids how they care for the animals and then showed them their equipment. Each child got to practice on their stuffed animals. (I had extra stuffed animals just in case a child didn’t bring one)
We had some kids who were terrified of dogs. I wasn’t sure how it would go. They ended up hanging back as the Vet Tech’s talked and then the kids felt safe and all of them went up to the animals to see them.
The kids got to listen to the dog’s heart with a stethoscope.
I love having in house visits at the preschool. This was a TON of fun.

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