Preschool Halloween Party

We had a relaxed Halloween Party for the kids at Preschool. My first year I felt more stressed about it. There were a few grandparents that I hadn’t met until that day and it was one game after the other. I wanted it to be more relaxed where we could have more time in between the activities planned. We had toys out for them to play with. Parents were still invited but most were working, so I only had one show up.
One of the games we played was “Bop the Ghost”. I drew eyes on the balloon and hung it up on our ceiling fan and the kids had a blast bopping it.



My son drew a nice pumpkin for us so we all did Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin.



The kids loved coming in their costumes



We played with Marshmallows and Toothpicks. This wasn’t Halloween specific, I just thought it would be fun and tasty.


They painted Witches Hats.



We made Streamer Ghosts




They finished off with decorating sugar cookies. We all had a great time!
Happy Halloween!

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