Preschool Field Trip

Preschool Field Trip
Pizza Pie Cafe
We had a Preschool Field Trip to Pizza Pie Cafe in January. January is my favorite month for this field trip. The Holidays and parties are over and you get to do the field trip indoors to combat the weather outside. The kids really look forward to it and so do the parents.
After we all wash her hands we get to see the big mixers and see how they make and measure the dough.
We get to see how they roll out the dough. (It would sure make my life a lot easier on Pizza Nights) When we first get there some of the kids are a little nervous of a new environment and new people.
By the time the kids get to make pizza they are feeling much better! Each child gets to participate in making the pizza and decorating it with toppings.





This time we got to see how they make the pasta and the sauces.
By the way, their dishwasher cleans and sanitizes in 30 seconds! What would that be like?!
Once the pizza is cooked, we all get to sit down and enjoy our creations!
Thank You so much Pizza Pie Cafe for all you do!

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