Pool Noodle Horse DIY and Game 2

Pool Noodle Horse

A “How To” and a Letter Review, Hay Game

On our very first day of Preschool, I asked the kids what they wanted to learn about that year. I wanted to lesson plan based on what the kids were interested in. One of my kids said she wanted to learn about horses and ponies. As I was looking for ideas, I saw one idea where you can make a ride on horse out of a pool noodle.

We were in season for Pool Noodles at the Dollar store, so I went and picked up enough for the kids. While I was there I also found some twine to make the reins. We had the Google Eyes and some yarn for the hair. I also found some leftover felt from previous projects.

 I try to use the supplies that I have in the house. I am more concerned with teaching a concept than I am about something looking perfect. As I planned this, I tried thinking of a concept the kids could learn with their horses. Yes they could use this for pretend play, but was there anything else we could do? What I came up with, was a Letter Review, Hay Game.

 How to Make a Pool Noodle Horse

This was a very easy project. I plugged in the Hot Glue Gun to start warming up while I tied the top of the Pool Noodle down.

Once the Pool Noodle is tied, You can attach the ears, cut out of felt, the hair, which can be felt or yarn, and the eyes. I suggest putting the glue on the item and let it sit for just a bit before putting it on the pool noodle. Otherwise it will just melt the noodle. I didn’t realize that I only had 2 small glue sticks for 8 kids to complete, so I really tried to skimp on the glue. The yarn hair hung off quite a bit.

The kids chose their colors and eyes and then I glued it for them.

Letter Review Hay Game

For the game, I drew some straight or slanted lines on a paper and then the kids cut out the strips. We want them working on their fine motor skills, so they cut their paper.

Once the hay was cut, they either wrote their letters or traced them, depending on their level. Each piece of hay had a different letter on them. Once that was done, we threw them on the floor and the kids galloped after each other until it was time to “eat the hay”.

Depending on their level, they either say the letter or they also make the sound of the letter as they feed their horse.

Horsey, Horsey, Don’t you stop

Just let your hooves go Clippity, Clop

Your tail go swish, and your wheels go round

Giddy Up! We’re homeward bound.

The kids thought they were being funny…

Horse Puppet

For our younger group, they made paper bag, puppets and then fed their puppet the letter hay. I just got construction paper and then tried to free hand the different pieces. For the Template, Click Here. It is hard figuring out which piece goes where, when the kids butcher them. 🙂  I cut a little slit by the mouth for the hay to fit down. I never did get a finished picture, but you get the point. It’s just a different, cheaper idea for something the kids can play with while they learn their letters. They love it.

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2 thoughts on “Pool Noodle Horse DIY and Game

  • Localbusybees

    What a fun learning activity. I’ll have to try that with my kids soon. We’ve done a few similar things with picking letters up around the house but my daughter is really into horses so she’d love riding around the house on her pretend horse. 🙂

    • Natali Post author

      The kids did have fun with this for quite a while. It’s great for summer time when Pool Noodles are easier to come by.

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