Umbrella Water Drop Letter Review

We made it to the Letter U and I thought it would be fun to learn about the Letter U at the same time as reviewing what we already learned.
This child didn’t want her umbrella on the paper so we taped a pencil on the back so she could hold it up and walk around with. She decided to draw an umbrella on the paper instead.
For this Activity, I traced an outline of an Umbrella on white paper and then traced water drops on blue paper. I always trace a few extra just in case they make mistakes in cutting or in tracing and they want to redo it.
The kids got to color their umbrella how they wanted and then they started cutting out their pieces. Some of the kids are at the tracing stage, and others are at the stage where they know their letters and can write them on their own. I always try and adapt the activity to the child so they can do it. Below is our freshly turned 3 year old (my daughter) She didn’t cut out her umbrella and some of her rain drops are the extras from the other kids or scraps from her cutting. It’s more about the process then it is about the finished product.
As a tip, I’ve learned that it helps to give each child a cup to put their small cut out papers they want saved. We’ve had many, many days where pieces were accidentally thrown away.

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