Shark Letter Review – Ocean Theme at Preschool

Shark Letter Review

As I was planning for our Ocean Theme at preschool, I saw the idea of making a shark out of cardboard. I got one of our large boxes and drew the outline of the shark and used a knife to cut out the mouth. I cut out triangles for the teeth and the kids did the rest.

They loved the making of it just as much as the playing with it. Some colored the shark and some put the teeth on. Because the box was large enough, we made 2 sharks so we could have more kids play with it.

The kids each took turns being the shark and then being the ones to feed the shark.


The kids feeding the shark had to say the letter fish before the shark would eat it. The sharks had to check the fish to see if they got the letter right.

 We kept this out for a while because the kids enjoyed being sharks.

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