Ocean Week at Preschool

Ocean Week at Preschool

A few years ago I got some shells from San Diego when we were there on Vacation. I always plan an Ocean Week because of them. I love pulling them out and the kids love looking at them and exploring them.

I like to have out flashlights and magnifying glasses as well

We rolled out a piece of butcher paper and traced the items we had and the kids had to match the object to the traced image.

Catching Letter Fish.

The kids had to throw them back if they didn’t know the letter (but they could ask for help).

We did an Experiment with Salty Water vs. Fresh Water and learned which is easier to float in.


We made sharks and played a letter game as each child got to pretend to be a shark.

The kids painted an ocean on paper and added a few fish..

The kids made an Ocean in a Bottle. They learned how the waves moved, how to make the color blue by adding 2 different colors, and how some liquids don’t mix.

Then we had a little fun and talked about pretend things in the ocean and made Mermaid Tails.

In the past we’ve made a Jellyfish and an Octopus Counting Craft.

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