Ocean Egg Float Experiment

Ocean Egg Float Experiment

We had Ocean Week at Preschool where we learned about the many different types of life that lives in the Ocean. We learned that the water there is different than in lakes and what we drink. It is quite salty! I saw the idea here. We started out with 2 Mason Jars and filled one with salt. Then we asked the kids their predictions. Some kids thought the egg would turn different colors (Easter) and others thought nothing would happen. A few guessed right.

I used some of our Real Salt (aff link)  because it has the natural minerals that help this experiment. I didn’t want to use too much of it though because it is more expensive than Table Salt. Then I filled the rest with the table salt. Note in the picture above, that was not enough salt! The egg sank so we had to add maybe double that. We used raw eggs. Note: The salt water was quite cloudy for a while before it cleared up and the salt sank to the bottom.

The conclusion: Things float easier in salty water vs. fresh water.

My older kids enjoyed seeing this when they got home from school

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