Letter Q Day

Letter Q Day at Preschool
This Quilt activity took a little bit of brain power for both of us. I ended up cutting the paper in 4ths and then drawing diagonal both directions so each of the 4 rectangles that had been cut, now have 4 triangles on it, and then the kids cut them. Since we have several kids, We just swapped halves so one child had 4 long green triangles and 4 long pink ones, and then 4 green short ones as well as 4 short pink triangles. The other kids alternated it so it looked like an actual Quilt pattern but this child arranged them differently. The first bottom left rectangle shows the pattern. This was good puzzle practice and patterns and size practice as well. Once everything was glued on, the kids wrote Capital Q’s on the Green pieces and then lower case q’s on the pink triangles. The reason we waited until after it was glued, was so the letter would be written in the correct direction and side. 

We finished off with a letter review of what we had worked on so far. We used Q-tips to paint our letters.

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