Feed the Elephant Letter and Shape Review

Feed the Elephant Game
Great for working on a review of what the kids have learned
We are learning our Alphabet at a slow pace in our class. I like to stop and have reviews so it sticks better. Since we got to the letter E I thought it would be fun to have a little game this kids could take home and play with. 

I roughly traced a trunk, 2 ears and 3 eyes for the kids to cut out. Since I don’t have gray paper I just rubbed a gray crayon quickly over the white paper. 

Next I folded the tan paper pretty small (probably into 8ths) and then traced a peanut shape on top and then cut it out as it was folded. It gave the peanuts a rough edge because my scissors are quite cheap but I figured it worked just fine. 

I wrote Letters A-E and then did 5 shapes for the kids that they were learning about. 

The kids glued the parts on to the brown paper bag. Once the glue was mostly dry I cut out a mouth for the peanuts to fit in. 

At the end of the day, we sat around a circle and I would call out a letter or shape and the kids would feed the Elephant the correct letter and shape. Then they took it home and got to play with it at home. 

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