Plant Week

I like to teach about plants and seeds in the spring time. There is something beautiful and wondrous about seeing the spring flowers coming up. When we lived in Vegas, “spring time” was a missed opportunity for us. I had no idea of the miracle of spring flowers. There is new life and a new beginning after a long winter. The kids love that they get to grow their own seeds during Plant Week.  

We like to get books from the Library and see the different parts of a plant and flower. Last year I saw this idea. We’ve tried out own variation in the idea, using what we had at home. The older kids like to write the words to the different parts of the plant. 

Last year we tried growing a bean in a plastic baggie with a wet paper towel. We learned that the bean needs to be on the side of the window that gets the sun. If it is on the other side, it will mold. When we plant their seeds in cups, we like to use the clear ones so we can see the roots while they grow. 

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