Letter X Activities

This was our water Xylophone activity. The kids got to hit the cups to hear the different tones. The best would be for the kids to learn what colors mixed together make Orange, Green, and Purple. 
The kids practiced writing their X’s and drew bones in their hand on the paper. 

You can also do Q tips for the bones on their hand print.

For snacks we had pretzels, made into the shape of X’s.

For Gross Motor, I put out a jump rope, and (wait for it) our vacuum cord, because I couldn’t find our other jump rope. The kids walked the line of the letter X. 
The reason we started our Human Body theme, was because X was coming up and we could learn about our bones first and then about x-rays
This is a picture of our Human Body paper we are working on. The masking tape symbolizes the bones in our body. (The red and blue are the veins we also learned about) 

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