I love you to pieces

Valentine’s day was coming and I looked for something the younger kids could do to share their love with their families and to bring home a Valentine’s Decoration. I am not sure if I found one particular person posting this idea, it is a popular one on Pinterest. 
We work on our scissor skills frequently so I thought it would be good to take a break and work on tearing. This takes fine motor skill to be able to do. A lot of the kids first started by using their whole fist to pull the paper apart. They quickly learned that it just crumpled the paper. 

I taught them to use their pincer grasp and to keep their 2 hands close together. If they still struggled, then we gave little nicks in the paper to make it easier. 

Sometimes you just don’t realize that this is a skill that not all children know how to do. One of my kids has a hard time with scissors still so this was good for them to work on something different. 

It’s always good to go back to basics periodically and just have fun. 
(The written “Love” is redundant. I always give my messed up ones to my kids because I don’t care and I know they don’t either.)

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