Hibernation Bear Cave/ Dinosaur Cave

Cardboard Cave


I got a reclining chair from Christmas so I had Kevin save the box for me in the garage. I love getting a few good sized boxes and then letting the kids play in it. As I lesson planned, I had been wanting to do Hibernation for a while and thought January is the best time for it.

It looked a lot cooler on the site I found the idea from but I let the kids decorate and create it, which reflects in the presentation. They would rather play in it than glue on it.


The first week that we learned about Hibernation, the kids brought stuffed animals from home and they got to pretend their bears were hibernating in the cave while we read several books about animals that Hibernate.


This entertained the kids all week and then I figured this was the perfect time for Dinosaurs so they can have a Dinosaur Cave.


They loved pretending to be dinosaurs.


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