Gum Ball Letter Review

This was a letter review for what we had worked on so far. A-G with upper and lower case letters. We always try to work on scissor skills since Teachers really can’t help one on one with scissor skills in Kindergarten. We stuck the letter gumballs on contact paper and then glued the rest of the pieces on.
Last year we did a different letter every day and with field trips and Holidays, it worked out perfectly that we touched on the whole alphabet by Christmas time. Then after our break we could come back and delve into our themes and continue on with our alphabet. The problem was, one of my kids had retention problems. We would sing songs, and trace it, do a craft, and she would repeat the letter and then, without fail, 5 minutes later she couldn’t remember the letter. This year I have another one like that so I have scrapped long term plans and frequently stop and do reviews. It has made a huge difference with this child, this year.
The other thing I do, is have a way for them to figure out the letter on their own. They learn the alphabet song pretty quick and I have the cards hanging up in the preschool room. When she gets to a letter she doesn’t know, I have her go to the preschool room and sing as she touches each letter till she comes to the one doesn’t know. It gives them a sense of pride to be able to figure it out on their own.
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