Field Trip to the Popcorn Shop

We have a local popcorn shop here in town that makes a wide variety of flavored popcorn. I’ve heard that they do Field Trips so I called to see if our preschool could come. Since I’ve had an increase in kids recently, I ended up doing the field trip two different days. 

I’ve never done this field trip so I didn’t quite know what to expect. There ended up being another preschool group with us the first day. It was a little crowded, but it was still so fun. 

The kids got to sit down and listen to a book called the Popcorn Shop. It was a fun little story about a shop owner who starts making popcorn. Everyone loves the popcorn but it is soon pouring out of the store and into the town, causing chaos. 

After the story, we went back to see how they made their popcorn. We listened to hear when the popcorn got hot enough to pop. 

They gave each child a bag of white popcorn to taste and then we saw how they mixed their Tutti Frutti Popcorn.  

We were lucky enough to get a sample of that too! Yum!

 This is my second group..

They have this really great program for helping children in 3rd world countries get an education, so we got to see their puppets they sell that funds it. 
We all had such a great time. I am glad we got to visit. I gave each child got a $1 to choose either a little puppet or a cup of popcorn to take home. 
You know what else was awesome! Doing a field trip the week before Spring Break. I didn’t have to plan anything this week and then I got the next week off. Awesomeness. 

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