Field Trip to the Corn Maze

Every October we take a field trip to our local farm. They set up a bunch of play areas out front and then we get to go into the corn maze


The kids get to go on a hay ride and then pick out their own pumpkin to bring home.



This was our second year going. Our first year we under dressed. It was warmer at home than it was at the farm, We ended up having to bundle with left over coats in another parents car. It is good to bring some extra scarves and coats for anyone that gets cold. Being cold can really put a damper on the field trip. This year was warm so we didn’t need the extra coats I brought.


In the actual corn maze we have the kids buddy up so no one gets lost. At our farm they have a farm trivia question so each buddy group gets a chance to pick which way we go. I would say we last about 30 minutes and then everyone is done and we take one of the exits so we can go back and play in the main area.


Sometimes I have families that have siblings or kids that come to Preschool for more than a year. This year I debated doing a different field trip to give them different experiences. After talking with the parent, we decided this was just a fun annual thing that everyone looks forward to.

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