Dinosaur Week at Preschool

My son is really into Dinosaurs right now. He got some for Christmas so I thought it would be fun if we had a Dinosaur theme in January.
The kids are making Dinosaur Tracks in play-doh



 I had this oversized box from Christmas so we used it for our bear cave the week prior and then it became our Dinosaur cave. The kids gave up decorating it but had fun while it lasted. My children played in it all week until I finally decided to reclaim my living room.


I found these awesome hats at a discount store and then later spotted them at the Dollar Store. The kids loved them.



We learned what Paleontologists do and got paint brushes to search for letter bones. The kids had to dust them off and then call out their letter before they could collect them. Once they were all found, we sat around in a circle and showed each other what letters we found. The kids all wanted to keep their bones to bring home.



We had a little extra time so we made some tracks with paint.



The kids each got to make a Dinosaur fossil. We imprinted on one and then they made a bone with their other one. I used a salt dough recipe. 1/2 cup salt, 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup water. It was the first time making it and I really loved it. I will definitely use that again. I put my oven on the lowest setting and cooked it for hours and flipped them and cooked it even longer.


The next time they came they were able to paint them.

Idea from here


We learned a little about Volcanos and the kids helped form one throughout the day.
I thought it would be fun if we had a little eruption. The kids loved it and wanted me to keep doing it.



We finished off the day with the kids making their own Dinosaurs. I am bummed I wasn’t able to get pictures of everyones. I severely ran out of time, which happens way too often and then I was out of room on my camera.
Quinn’s dinosaur is called Spinasaurus and is quite mean. He eats people but doesn’t like to eat counters.
We had one Dinosaur that was called Friendliasaurus who only liked being nice and didn’t like when people were mean.
Another dinosaur was called Waterasaurus and loved to eat watermelon and drink water.
 One Dinosaur was called Elsasaurus after Queen Elsa. She loved to dance. She was sporting an awesome Tutu and crown (which the child told me my crown I drew for her was ugly and she could draw a much prettier one).
Idea from here
I didn’t realize how much my son would love this. It absolutely made his day.

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