Detective for the Day

Detective for the Day!
We were learning about the letter d for Preschool. I didn’t have any dinosaurs and as I went through my books, it didn’t seem like I had much we could do, so I decided to have a Detective day.
We saw that someone stole our snacks for the day and we had to search for clues to figure out who did it and where they hid them. We looked at the shoe prints
(they were the kids shoes dipped in powdered sugar)
We dusted for fingerprints. The kids got to put their finger on glass, then we lightly dusted with makeup brushes and cinnamon or cocoa powder, I can’t remember which, and we used tape to collect the finger print. I thought it was really cool.
What are snacks for a letter d? Well I don’t care to go out and buy something special just for a simple snack so I just cut out the Letter D from my bread and cheese.
I grabbed a few wrappers and placed them by a stuffed animal with a note so the kids could solve who did it. I am sure you can go more in depth, we kept it light and fun for the preschoolers.
We followed up with a Field Trip to the Police Station.

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