Dental Health in Preschool

Dental Health
Once a year I ask a Dental Hygienist if she will come to the preschool to teach the kids about their teeth and how to take care of them. You wouldn’t think teeth are that exciting, but the kids always love this. They get to practice brushing on the big model she brings.  

She has 2 books that are excellent for teaching about going to the dentist. It explains what the dentist does and it shows the equipment so the kids aren’t so scared when they get there. I love them every time she brings them, I will have to get them for our library.

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I hard boiled eggs the night before and soaked them in grape juice over night. It gave them this black look to them. It was perfect to teach about sugar left on our teeth all night. Then the kids got to practice brushing the eggs in small circles like we were just taught. 

This was after the kids were done brushing. 
It always surprises me how long some of the kids talk about this. I had one boy talk about it all year long to his mom, and this year my son kept talking about those sugar bugs and how he wanted to brush to get them off. You never know what will make an impression and what won’t. This is one that always makes an impact with the kids. 

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