Dental Dice Game

Since the kids are learning about Dental Health, I thought it would be great to play a counting dice game as well. I saw the idea over here

I made a quick drawing on white paper of a long oval with a line through the middle and added a tongue for good measure. I was going off of memory of a picture I spotted on Pinterest. I drew a bunch of circles for teeth and then handed the kids a cup of marshmallows (I used what I had and what fit easily, you can use anything you have on hand). 

Maybe if I planned better, I would have the correct number of teeth and healthy snacks but I just wing it most of the time. I was more concerned with counting and one to one correspondence with the dots on the dice to the object provided (Marshmallows). 

The kids loved this. They did this on their own instead of against each other. Once they put all the teeth on, then they rolled again to take them off, and then they got to eat them at the end. 

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