Cookie Jar Letter Review

It was time for a recap of what we had learned so far so I thought it would be fun to make a cookie jar. Originally I had planned on gluing the cookies on a paper but I thought it would be fun if they could play with them and hold them.  

I drew circles on brown paper and the kids cut them out. I used a hole punch to make the “chocolate chips”. This is great for fine motor since they are harder to handle. The kids glued the “chocolate chips” on and then we traced letters on each cookie. I quickly drew a Jar shape on a brown paper bag and cut a slit at the top of the jar so the kids could slide them through. The kids always seem to love doing this. 

The kids found their letter cookies as I called them out and they fed it into the cookie jar. This is great for letter C day and perfect for reading “If you give a mouse a cookie” book.  

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