Bubble Day!

For our Letter B day we started out by painting Bubble Wrap.
When the kids are finished painting, we turn the bubble wrap over onto a piece of paper and lightly press and then let it dry so they can take it home. I didn’t get a picture of their papers.
During Snack time the kids were able to practice blowing bubbles in their milk. It went all over and we had a blast through the process. They were laughing and giggling the whole time. It made me wonder why we don’t do this more often.
After snack we gathered around the table and made homemade bubbles.
Recipe for Bubbles:
2 1/2 Quarts Water
1/2 Cup Light Corn Syrup
1 Cup Liquid Dish Detergent (like Dawn)
Mix water and corn syrup until completely blended. Gently stir in the liquid dish detergent. The Bubbles will store for several weeks in an air tight container.
Lessons from our life: Don’t put them in the small dixie cups. They bled through and kept on. By the time the parents came we had over 5 cups and it was still bleeding through. Make sure if you plan to hand these out that you use a plastic container. We used pipe cleaners to dip and blow and they worked great.

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