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I remember years and years ago, all the way back when Abby was about 18 months old. We were back in the Doctor’s office, again. This time she had green urine. I remember the Nurse joking that Abby was just trying to be festive. It was St. Patrick’s Day that day. In reality, I was frightened. No one could explain what was wrong with my daughter. This day was the day that started years of problems outside of her usual Kidney Reflux we had dealt with the previous 6 months. This time her culture came back negative. The Doctors always shrugged their shoulders and went on to their next patient.


Fast forward years with constant urine checks, medicine, blood draws, tests, and appointments. I was a pro at handling 5 kids in the Doctor’s office, but we still didn’t have answers.

My husband was outside one day, talking with a neighbor and the talk of kidneys came up. Our neighbor’s relative was having medical problems and went to a local Doctor and it really turned things around for him. I was hopeful that this was it, and the price was an added bonus. I excitedly made the phone call and set up an appointment.

The day of the appointment came, and I had no idea what to expect. Were we FINALLY going to find out what has plagued Abby for so long? Were we going to figure out how to fix it??! I drove slowly as these thoughts turned over and over in my head. When we got there, we walked down a dark hall to get to the office waiting room. I filled out all the paper work and anxiously waited our turn.

We finally got called back into the Doctor’s personal office. He explained that he was going to do a Live Blood Analysis on Abby. A live blood test shows the blood cells magnified. Their shape, coloring, movement, transparency, ect can show whether they are healthy or not. Naturally Abby was terrified and cried, but it was a simple finger prick and then he showed us on the monitor and explained what he saw.

In one picture he showed that he could see something kidney related going on. He didn’t know what exactly. In another picture he showed that she might have an autoimmune disease. A little piece at a time, I realized that today was not the day for answers. Just more questions. (Always more questions). One of the things he showed us, is the picture below. The Margarine in her blood!

You can see the blood cells on the slide, and in the middle is this blob that has to be larger than 10 cells combined. This was the one thing that shook me as a mother. This was directly from me. She doesn’t go to the store and choose what we eat. I choose those things. I had no idea. Nothing. I was clueless up to this point. I had no idea that what I was feeding my kids was adding this, on top of everything we were dealing with.

I remember driving home with feelings of disappointment, that again, we had no answers. Would they ever come? Two years earlier, Abby started peeing out the lining of her bladder. We were getting tissue in the urine samples we were sending to the Doctor’s. I shed a few tears on the drive, but one thing was solid in my mind. Margarine was out!

At the time I wasn’t sure how it would work. We were tight on money. I wasn’t sure if we could really afford butter. Just being honest here. There is no going back after seeing that, what you are feeding your child is going to their blood, and staying in there. My husband agreed with me and was horrified as well. I remember telling him that the health problems were out of our control, but this was one thing that we were responsible for. Despite being ignorant about it, or thinking that what you eat just digests out, we were still responsible.

We started changing the way we ate. I spent extra time in the stores, reading labels and pricing out what we could afford. My goal is to have my food as close to nature as possible. I don’t want my food designed in a lab. I try to make things homemade as much as possible. I try to find food without preservatives and additives. I still have a long way to go, but I do it one baby step at a time.

For those wondering about Abby and her medical problems, we eventually got one answer, Alport Syndrome. She still has more going on that we haven’t figured out with her bladder. Quinn and Abby were diagnosed with Autosomal Recessive Alport Syndrome 4 years ago. For the Full story, see HERE.

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