The hard days will pass

Imported from our family blog
December 20, 2007
“Yesterday was just one of those days where the kids seem to get into everything. I had bought a box of brownies from the store, the previous night and made them. In the morning Emma was excited when she saw the pan because she knew I had made brownies. While I was upstairs, Emma and Zack decided to take advantage of the opportunity and dig into the brownies. I caught them pretty early before they did too much damage. They both got in trouble and I thought that would be enough. Then about an hour later it happened again while I was on the phone with my mom. We really need a new cordless because we only get about 10 minutes on a fully charged phone. While I was up stairs on the corded phone, Emma broke into the brownies again and ate almost all of them. Shortly after it was time for bed so I put them down for a nap. Emma sleeps in my room for naps because Abby gets too excited if Emma is in the room during the day. While Emma was supposed to be sleeping, she decided to get my new soap and rub it all over my bed and pillow. I need a room with nothing more than a bed in it cause she loves to find something to get into.”

I don’t even remember this happening. I am sure I was freaking out about the bedspread at the time. I was frazzled and prone to over reacting. (I still am, ha!) Such a simple fix! Throw it in the wash! These hard days pass, and they pass quickly. 

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