That was fun…ish


I recently purchased, and have been reading a parenting book. So far it would appear that I am making a lot of mistakes. That’s not really a surprise. They really seem to impress that children should be able to choose whether they wear a coat or not. The parent should not tell them to get it on, but rather give them the choice and make them learn the hard way.

Today was one of those days. The kids didn’t have school. I don’t really know why, record day or some such. For once I got the kids to actually do a chore without it taking hours and much irritation and playing and more mess making. I had a box of cookies and if I don’t pass them out quick, I will be the one to eat them all. I decided to have a little contest and reward the 1-3rd place winners with cookies. That really motivated them. In a short amount of time they were all done and we were ready for the next promised activity. Going to the school playground to ride bikes and play. Our neighbors informed us they wouldn’t be coming despite our request because of the weather. It’s cool, we can’t be bothered by a little bad weather.

I asked my son and daughter to change their shorts to pants so they wouldn’t be cold. As per every day fashion, they opened the front door and professed that it wasn’t cold at all. I managed to get them in their coats and we stepped out to head out. It was about 40 degrees outside and was starting to rain. I grabbed my library book and an umbrella to make sure it didn’t get wet. I looked at my son and thought to send him to the bathroom but then remembered my new parenting book. It said that we shouldn’t tell our kids to go to the bathroom before leaving for an outing, otherwise they will never learn to think for themselves. I don’t want my kids to be mindless so I let the thought pass and we headed out.

My son fussed and ended up dragging the car behind him while the rest were already out of sight. I spotted a nice tree in the distance and set up my chair and umbrella and got out my book. ~How did the water bottle open and spill all over our gloves??~ Whatever. I get 2 paragraphs into the book and my son, the one I had just looked at before leaving, informs me that he now has to go to the bathroom…………………………….. (that’s me looking at him with nothing to say). I am not going back home and I am half tempted to have him pee on a tree. I  have a great idea though. Our friend lives right across the street and my oldest wanted to go over and invite them to join us so I send them together so he can pee at her house. She’s cool with it. 3 minutes after they are gone, the next son comes over and lets me know he needs to go to the bathroom as well. !!!!!   !!!!! Are you kidding me?

By the time the first child gets back, the two that are wearing shorts are complaining they are cold.

I have a system. I have 6 kids, I need a system. We live off of a system. There is no point stopping for 6 bathroom breaks while out. I always have them go before leaving the house. I decided to take that book’s advice so my kids can think for themselves and I honestly don’t think they learned a dang thing. I did though. I am sticking with my ways.

After them running around the track I decided we should just give up and head home. A warm house and a movie sounds a lot more appealing anyway. My 2 year old runs off and the oldest gets stuck getting her Plasma Car. I thought she would just pick it up but I turn around and she is sitting all squished and trying to catch up while laughing at herself. It made me laugh too. It made the whole trip worth it.

I decided today, that there are some days, Momma just knows best.

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