Summer Bucket List – Our Top 50 Things to Try

Summer Bucket List

Last year we tried our first Summer Bucket List. There were things we made a point to do and plan for because of the list. It is easy for me to get caught in the day to day life, doing the same routine, so I wanted to have some ideas to create memories. We didn’t do everything on the list, and that is okay with me. This year we have compiled a new list for this summer. Some are repeats from last year. and some include local or vacation spots we are doing this summer.

1. Backyard Camping

2. Tie Dye Shirts

3. Pull a new Park out of a Hat each week

4. Ice Cream for Dinner (Last Day of School)

5. Bounce Houses and Open Gym Time

6. Swim at the Lake

7. Float down the River

8. Neighborhood Water Fight

9. No Chore Day

10. Harry Potter Party with Butterbeer

11. Play Place (We like Carl’s Jr)

12. Star Gazing Night with Friends

13. Board Game Day

14. Half Price night at our local Swimming Pool

15. Visit the Zoo

16. Children’s Museum (We are doing this one)

17. Make a Treat with each child, individually

18. Make Homemade Ice Cream

19. Go on a Hike

20. Pajama Movie Day

21. Lunch with Dad at Work

22. Roast Marshmallows

23. Farmer’s Market

24. Teach the kids how to play Tennis

25. Explore a new area near us

26. Family Bike Ride

27. Sign up for the Library Reading Program

28. Lunch at the Park

29. Catch Fireflies

30. Kids Bowl Free

31. Paint Day (Something messy)

32. Make Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

33. Fishing

34. Go for a Scenic Drive

35. Bike Wash/Car Wash in Swimsuits

36. Sprinklers and Popsicles

37. Family Night on the Trampoline

38. Homemade Pizza- Movie Night

39. Air Show

40. Drive in Movie or Movies at the Park

41. Rollerskating

42. Make Forts and let the Kids sleep in the Living Room

43. Plant a Garden and make something new with the Produce

44. Visit Shoshone Falls

45. Go down the Raft River Water Slide

46. St. Louis Gateway Arch

47. Go to a Hotel with a Water Park (We are staying in this one)

48. Church History Sites

49. Take the Kids to Old Faithful in Yellowstone

50. End of Summer Party with Friends (Popcorn, Cotton Candy, Snow Cones, Sprinklers)

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