Summer Bucket List – Our top 50 Things to Do 4

1. Ice Cream Dinner $

We do this once a year on the last day of school. The kids stay up late watching movies and the parents play games.

2. Make Cookies with the kids individually $

3. Swim at a local Swimming Park $$ (or free with our summer reading program)

4. Hot Rocks

Put the rocks on a cookie sheet and bake in the oven till hot, then melt crayons on top to make designs.

5. Play at a new Park

6. Water Balloon Fight with neighbors $

7. Yellowstone $$$

8. Play Board Games (teach the kids a new game)

9. Lunch at the Park

10. Friend Play Dates

11. Tie Dye Shirts $$

12. Go camping $$

13. Go on a Hike as a family $

14. Pajama and Movie Day

15. Make Homemade Frostys $

16. Have Lunch with Dad at his Work

17. Dance Party with Glow Sticks

18. Library Summer Reading Program

19. Sand Pudding $ (“sand” is golden oreo cookies crushed with a few regular oreos)

20. Make Edible Bubbles or Large Bubbles $

21. Play in the sprinklers

22. Ride our Bikes at the Elementary School

23. Make Popsicles $

24. Have a Bounce House Day

25. Recyclable Craft Day

26. No Chore Day (Kids have to earn this)

27. Boise Water Park $$$ (although the Denver one is our favorite!)

28. Living Room Tents and Forts

29. Backyard Camping

30. Airplane Day– Make paper airplanes, watch Dad fly his remote control airplane, watch the planes land at the Airport.

31. Roast Marshmallows and Hotdogs $

32. Roller Skating Night $$

33. Bowling $$  (We use: but you still have to pay for shoes)

34. Family Tennis with our Neighbors

35. Service Day

36. Explore a new Area

37. Slip n’ Slide Day

38. Lemonade Stand/Bake Sale– Donate to Charity

39. Local Swimming at a Cove

40. Dinosaur Park in Ogden $$ (look for Groupon Deals)

41. Movies at the Cheap Theater $

42. Sleep on the Trampoline (kids)

43. Star Gazing with the Telescope

44. Visit Lake Tahoe $$$

45. Donnor Party Museum  $

46. Water Balloon Dodge Ball with friends $

47. Drive in Movie or a Backyard Movie Night $

48. Look at Model Homes (our family loves this!)

49. Family Neighborhood BBQ Party (potluck)

50. End of Summer Party (Last year we had a Snowcone Machine, Cotton Candy Machine, and Popcorn. The mom’s hung out while the kids played)


These are our top 50 things to do this year. The location specific ones will change every year based on family vacations. What do YOU love doing during the summer?




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4 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List – Our top 50 Things to Do

    • Natali Post author

      Thank You! I think I also want to do a few things just as adults.

      Couples Laser Tag
      Couples Cops and Robbers Night
      Friendly Neighbor Revenge
      LAN (Computer) Party
      Hot Springs
      Imagine Dragons Concert

  • Enn

    You have a great list and your kids are going to have SO much fun! I wish I could’ve earned a “no chore day”. I may have to tell my parents how much they deprived me!

    I had water balloon fights with my neighbors, but they usually didn’t know about it until the first balloon hit them. I like to think it was a tactical maneuver, not assault. Semantics.

    Have a great summer!

    • Natali Post author

      Haha, That is our idea with the water balloon fight. We have a friendly neighbor war with one of our friends, so we wanted to bomb them this summer. Thanks for visiting!

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