Sometimes it’s hard being a Mom

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February 4, 2008
“Tonight Emma and I were making a picture together with her stickers. Every Tuesday is Show and Tell at her Preschool, so I asked her if she wanted to bring her stickers and give some to everyone at the preschool. She said, “eh, no, they just give it back to me.” I asked her what she was talking about and she told me of a time a while ago that she made a picture for her friend and she gave it back to Emma because she didn’t want it. Emma said that it hurt her feelings. We recently had the preschool here and it broke my heart to watch. Emma would try and talk to these two girls and they ignored her completely. They wouldn’t look at her no matter what she said. The entire time they were here they acted as if Emma didn’t exist and I could see it effecting her. She has other friends but things seem to be getting bad at preschool with a few girls treating her bad. It is just so hard to watch our kids suffer and I know there will be many more hard times to come.”

This breaks my heart reading. Emma is now 11 years old and has many moments where she enjoys having friends and a few times when she is left out and the kids move away from her. I appreciate being able to work on this in my preschool. Almost all of the kids that have come need at least a little social teaching or help. Sometimes it is the very same thing Emma dealt with. I think we all need to teach children, other than our own, how to be nice. I think the kids were a lot better off when the community helped raise the kids, vs now when everyone is too nervous of offending their friend. 

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