Sleeping Adventures

I am importing some posts from our family blog. This was from October of 2007

“We put a toddler bed in Zack’s room and he seemed interested in it so we decided to start having him sleep in it. One morning we woke up to this big mess. He evenly spread out some dice and Lincoln logs all over his floor. There were a few nights that we found him asleep on the trampoline that was in his room. We moved the crib out but sometimes he would run in our bed while we were putting the girls down and cry “I want to sleep big boy bed”. We got a new twin mattress and moved the toddler bed out. He loves his new car bed. The top picture is his first night in the bed.”

“Now that Abby has discovered her freedom she likes to spend a while fooling around, jumping on her Zebra in the dark, knocking on the door, playing in the closet. We are constantly finding her in different places. The worst, and the one that happens most frequently is right behind the door. We can’t get the door open without having to push it into her some.”

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