Life is Hard, Life is Good

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December 11, 2007
“Today Kevin and I took Abby in for another VCUG. These tests are horrible. They put a catheter in and inject her with dye. Then they strap her down on a board while they run the tests with this big machine. It is so scary, especially for a baby. Her results came back and her kidney reflux is not gone. I was hoping last night would be the last time we had to give her the antibiotics, but I guess that day will come much later. She has to take them everyday. It is hard to not feel like the surgery was pointless and she had to go through it all. She cried and cried after we were done and was still sniffling in the car. We went and took her for ice cream which she loved.”
Oh how I wish it were that simple now….
I am not sure it is time to delve into Abby’s Medical Journey right now. It has been a long road to just find answers to problems she deals with, and now that we know the answers (Alport Syndrome) we still have a long journey ahead of us. I am grateful for our lives, happiness, and fun times. Despite what’s ahead, life is good. 

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