Church Time

August 11, 2008

“I wanted a Picture to describe my Sunday, but it seems that I can’t find one. Look at those kids paying attention and being all good. No wonder it is a drawing. Well, at least it isn’t a reality for me. Zack is really big into quoting movies. We watched our newest Home Videos Sunday Morning. When we got to church Zack was constantly quoting what was on the home video. “Abby take a picture.” “Zack say hi. Zack say hi.” “Abby, put that back.” “Zack do you want to hold Connor.” He would repeat it over and over and over. When it was time for the sacrament I kept telling him to be quiet and Emma would lean over and put her hand on his mouth, but he wouldn’t stop. Abby was also having a fit. She was on the ground and was trying to lay on Zack’s shoes. Zack moved his feet and her head fell on the ground and she started screaming so loud. I was closest to the wall, and Kevin had Connor. I scooped her up and there were so many feet in the way, I had no space at all. I managed to make it past the kids feet (all the while trying to get her out ASAP) but I totally landed on Kevin’s feet and I had no where else to go so I had to put all my weight and Abby’s on his poor feet. He was sort of chuckling and saying OW so I couldn’t help but laugh, silently thankfully. I was wondering what people were thinking. My child obviously was hurt and crying and I was laughing. When I walked into the foyer I could tell I was disturbing them (sigh, that is what the foyer is for, right?) so we just walked outside. When we finally got back in and Zack was still quoting the movies. I think people make mental notes not to sit in front of us. They can hear everything going on and although I always try to be on top of them banging into the bench they always manage to do it.”

6 years later and it is still the same-ish. 

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