A little piece of Heaven

“I never did mention that Abby had her finger poked. When you constantly are bleeding you can become anemic so our Doctor wanted her to be checked to make sure everything was fine. (Iron levels are good) She, was obviously, terrified. She cried, “No owies, no owies.” After everything was done I decided we needed a park diversion.

I have found this park that is nearly perfect for me. When Connor was first born I was overwhelmed by the fact that I could not take my kids to the park alone. There were too many of them and not enough of me. All of the parks I had been to were too open, had easy access to roads and had a lot of people. I was never able to relax that if I turned my attention to one of the kids for a moment, one of the other ones could be taken. I know I am paranoid, but hey, I live in Vegas. Kidnappings are a reality here.

By chance, a little while ago I found a quiet, secluded park. It is in the back of a Realty Office and you have to walk down a long path to get to the park. Most of the time we are alone, but sometimes there is one other child there for a little while. Although my kids could use more interaction, their safety and my peace is more important when I am alone.

Today I sat on the Picnic Bench and watched and listened to the kids playing with each other. Connor was tired but happy, next to me. The older 3 decided to run down a grassy hill right next to the play equipment. I pushed Connor closer so I could see them over the hill. Emma had taken her shoes off and was running in the grass barefoot. Zack and Abby were holding hands and running up the hill. I locked the brakes on the stroller and stepped in the grass and took off my flip flops. The grass was wet and cool on my feet.

Emma beckoned to me to run with her. I was hesitant. I was in between the older kids and Connor. I was reluctant to leave Connor up there alone. After a few minutes I felt Connor would be fine if I ran around with the older kids for a little. I held Emma’s hand and ran down the grassy hill, barefoot, with my beautiful Daughter. I was instantly filled with so much joy. The weather was perfect. It was sunny yet cool with a bright blue sky. I was running with my kids enjoying a wonderful day with the feel of cool, soft grass under my feet.

It felt so much like a piece of Heaven. You don’t get them often and they don’t last too long, but oh are they so sweet. I went to check on Connor and he was peacefully sleeping. I had so much fun watching Abby say “follow me Zack” and run here and there.

Of course all good things must come to an end. Mine ended when some park maintenance workers drove up on the path and Emma shrieked. I felt uneasy and was quick to leave, not that I was in danger, but the feeling was so drastic it was just time to go. As we packed up I think 3 families were headed down.

It was one of those moments I want to remember when I am old and gray.”

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