Dishwasher Detergent Review

I have never done this before, but I decided to let everyone know of my experience after using the Palmolive Eco Dish detergent. I opened up the dishwasher and almost everything, mainly all the plastic, had turned pasty white. I was disgusted so I thought I would run it through an extra rinse cycle and see if that was the problem. After that was done, nothing had changed. I decided to return it and get something different. I ran the load again and the dishes are forever ruined and all white like someone put powdered sugar on them. Even scrubbing them doesn’t get it off. In my opinion, stay away from this!! 

Kevin is laughing at me for posting this. 

This is years later, but I sent a letter to the company and they sent an apology and a refund check. I was really impressed. I think it was my hard water that made it pasty. Eventually the dishes went back to normal. 

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