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 Cupcake Wars Party Ideas

My daughter was having a Birthday party this summer and we were tossing around ideas of what to do. The invitations that I picked up had a Cupcake on them so I asked her if she wanted to do a Cupcake Party. She was excited about the idea so we went with that theme.

I saw the idea of making it a baking contest here and I loved the idea. We only had a small group so we got 3 flavors for the cakes. We set out flavorings, sprinkles, food coloring, and toppings like Mini Oreos, Gummy Bears, Marshmallows, Mini M & M’s, Miniature Reeces, Strawberries, and Chocolate Chips.

When the kids first arrived, they decorated their Chef Hats. (Tutorial Below) I explained what we were doing so they could get an idea of what they wanted to make. They paired off into 3 groups depending on which cake batter they wanted to make. The groups made their cake batter, and then a portion of it was given to each child in separate bowls. Some of the kids put toppings in their cupcake batter and some of them added a lot of food coloring. While the cupcakes were baking, we played the game, Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake.

You could make the game out of paper like I saw here, or you can just color it on poster board like I did. I cut out red circles and the kids each put their name on so we would remember where they pinned the cherry. The child who got closest, won a prize.

 Once the cupcakes were cooled, the kids came back to decorate them. Each child had 3 cupcakes so they could decorate them differently if they wanted. When everyone was finished, we lined the plates up and each child got 2 tickets. They came up individually and voted for 2 different plates. That way they could vote for their own plate and then someone else. The winner of the decorating contest got a prize.

We did a cupcake walk after the decorating contest. We put on the kids favorite music while they walked around. The first winners got a prize and then they went and ate one of their cupcakes. After cupcakes, we opened presents.

We ran out of time for a cupcake toss, which is throwing a ball into the cupcake/muffin pans. I liked the idea of the cupcake punch out. You make a cardboard cupcake and have paper covered circles where the kids punch to get a prize. We ended up not doing that either.

We had boys and girls at this party and they all had a blast at the party. The ages ranged from 6-11 and it lasted about 2 1/2 hours. It was definitely a success and I would do it again.

How to Make Chef Hats

Supplies: Tape, Stapler, Tissue Paper, White Construction Paper, Scissors

Cut the White Construction paper in half, lengthwise and tape the 2 pieces together.  Now is the time for the kids to decorate the paper, if desired.

Lay down one piece of tissue paper (purchased in the gift aisle)

It overlaps on the construction paper so you fold it in the middle so it lines up to the construction paper. Then tape the tissue paper down on the construction paper.

I think I was running out of tape so I only made one taping. Fold over the tissue paper.

Tape the tissue paper to the construction paper.

Roll up the construction paper and fit to the child’s head. Hold the size and take it off to staple the paper together.

These hats held up very well for several weeks, so long as I sized it right and didn’t make it too tight.

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