World’s Best Cinnamon Rolls in an Ice Cream Caramel Sauce 2

  Lisa Leann’s Cinnamon Rolls Brace yourself… I am about to introduce you to THE best Cinnamon Rolls. This is the kind that makes you leave behind your tried and true recipe that you’ve used for years, toss your Grandmother’s recipe in the back of your cupboard, and leave your […]

Jenn’s Secret Pancake Recipe

 The bottom pancake is Chocolate Chip I’ve tried several pancake recipes throughout the years. They were okay, but they weren’t worth keeping. My friend Jenn gave me this recipe several years ago and I haven’t bothered with another pancake recipe since. We’ve only modified it a little. We hope you […]

German Pancakes

My mom made these German Pancakes when I was growing up, and my whole family loved them. We’ve continued making them for our kids and now they love them as well. We love having another option in the morning besides Pancakes and Waffles. I love that you pop it in […]

Oh Boy Waffles

I got this recipe from my mother a few years back. It works perfectly for us so I’ve never had to look for another one. My oldest 2 kids make it the most, so much that they’ve memorized it. We love these waffles. Oh Boy Waffles 2 1/2 Cups Flour […]