Bring in the Water Table

It’s still Winter time up here and quite cold outside. For our Letter U day, the plan was to do a water drop letter review for an Umbrella picture. I thought it would be fun if we brought our water table inside. I spread out some towels on the floor […]

Sensory Fun

When we first started sensory, we only had a bowl to use. We’ve since used something much bigger, but it shows that you can do this even with limited resources and the kids still love it. The kids are gathered around the Pinto beans here. They have measuring cups and […]

Shaving Cream Fun

This is my 2-3 year old class. I just brought out our table and put the shaving cream on it. This was our first real messy, sensory thing so some of the kids didn’t quite know what to do about it being on their hands. As a PS, one year […]