Shark Paper Bag Letter Review at Preschool

Shark Paper Bag Letter Review   I do an Ocean theme every year for preschool, but I like to change up what crafts we do. You can see other ideas here. This year we had a lot of boys so I thought it would be fun to learn about sharks. […]



Rock Day at Preschool

Rocks and Geodes at Preschool Because I have a few Minerals and Rocks, I always look forward to our letter R day at Preschool. Letter R Rock Paper: I always try to have an activity that works on fine motor and learning a letter. You can draw small circles on […]

Summer Bucket List – Our Top 50 Things to Try

Summer Bucket List Last year we tried our first Summer Bucket List. There were things we made a point to do and plan for because of the list. It is easy for me to get caught in the day to day life, doing the same routine, so I wanted to […]

Summer Collage 3


Spicy Artichoke Pasta 1

 Spicy Artichoke Pasta Spicy Artichoke Pasta is one of my husband’s favorite meals that we eat. I’ve started making sure that we have the ingredients on hand so we can make it at any time. This dish is a refreshing change from the traditional marinara sauce you are used to. […]

Cinnasticks 2

Cinnasticks These Cinnasticks are out of this world! With the slight crisp to the outside, the soft middle, melt in your mouth frosting goodness, you won’t be able to stop at just one! I threw these together one night with the leftover Pizza dough we make, and we have been […]


girls day out 007

Our Diagnosis Story 1

Our Diagnosis Story I’ve given birth to 6 children now. The day a new life joins our family is a day full of emotions. After the pain comes the joy. I have spent months worrying about this life inside me, hoping that everything will go well and they will be […]

What Alport Syndrome is Like for Little Kids 15

What Alport Syndrome is Like for Little Kids I sat down to write about Alport Syndrome and Abby walked into the room to ask me a couple of questions. I suddenly had the idea to have her write about it instead.   “Abby, What is it like having Alport Syndrome?” […]



Pioneer Woman’s Creamy Tomato Sauce 1

Pioneer Woman’s Tomato Cream Sauce   One year for Mother’s Day, I wanted a pasta dish for Dinner. I found a recipe from the Pioneer Woman I was curious about, so I asked Kevin to make it for me. We’ve been hooked ever since.  We make this on a regular […]

Cheesecake 2

Cheesecake Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts. I’ve been making this since I was a teenager. I never wrote down my original recipe and I have been on the hunt for a good one for the past several years. I saw this recipe over at Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, and […]



Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili

Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken Chili This soup has become one of my favorites. I was intrigued when I first saw that it was a chicken chili that also had cream cheese in it. The combination just sounds creamy and delicious. This soup did not disappoint. It is perfect to […]

Baked Tuna Cheese Sandwiches

Baked Tuna Cheese Sandwiches I found this recipe about a year ago from one of my Mom’s friends growing up. This has quickly become one of our family’s favorite dinners. My kids are not tuna people, at all. I was surprised how much they enjoyed it the first time we […]



Black Bean Burgers 4

Black Bean Burgers Our family has been adding meat free recipes into our diet for several years now. Not only does it help with the budget, but it is healthier. Plus, 2 of my kids have Alport Syndrome, so their kidneys have a harder time filtering out animal proteins. This […]